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The ICA-EU Partnership for international cooperative development launches the new Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs programme (GCE), inspired by the success of Cooperatives Europe’s CoopStarter 2.0 Erasmus+ funded project. The initiative aims to support the creation of mentorship programmes to stimulate youth cooperative entrepreneurship worldwide.

The programme relies on strong partnerships between cooperative associations and youth organisations from all ICA regions. Whereas cooperatives are particularly recognised as a powerful driver of economic integration and social inclusion as well as a lever for empowering young people to experiment and innovate with new models to address different challenges facing today’s generation (e.g. climate change, migration, automation and transformation of work); youth organisations represent key players in youth empowerment, especially through their ability to provide a voice for younger generations, and enable young people to become active citizens. This collaboration between cooperatives and youth organisations will contribute to overcome challenges and become positive catalysts of support for youth cooperative entrepreneurs.

The GCE is holding its first activity between the 18 and 21 March in Manchester (UK): a training of mentors from all regions of the ICA representing both ICA’s members and youth organisations. The event will be hosted by the Co-operative College.

April 19, 2019


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