_KCP5556- Terry


A dedicated, efficient and enthusiastic professional with over 10 years’ experience in coordinating development programs in both local and international liaisons in Kenya and Africa at large. In-depth understanding of Project Management, Partnerships and networking and linkage towards positive social change. Passionate about women economic empowerment, leadership, mentorship and coaching, all aimed at advancing Gender Equality. A versatile trainer, with broad-based experience putting together needs based training packages. Adept at; assessing skills, curriculum development, training , designing, planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating programs, research and analysis, report writing and documentation.

The GYF20 was an amazing life time opportunity for me as a seasoned trainer, mentor and coach. I met so many young people from different cultures who had amazing ideas. The energy within the conference rooms, was more than I expected. I believe youth matter because: youth have demonstrated their ability and potential as catalysts for change, who can tackle the problems that threaten our planet, youth have generated fresh ideas and new solutions to development challenges, and have shown that they can act effectively as a bridge between different cultures. Investing in this sector will unlock young people’s potential as individuals, leaders, agents of change and advocates for social justice. Young people are a vital asset for society, essential to the post-2015 development agenda and SDGs.