I started at my twenties as a street performer in the skin of a clown character. I’ve learned music and theater from people who shared their knowledge with me. I’ve also learned about graphic design, Free (Libre) Software and programming in the same way: by sharing knowledge with others. A few years later, I studied Scenic Art in a formal institution. In 2011, with a little group of hackers and artists we started Cambá, a technology workers-owned cooperative based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We met the folks of a very young tech-coop federation (FACTTIC), and we started working on the development of the federation.

Today I have still worked at Cambá, I’m the treasurer at FACTTIC and I have studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Open Source Software in a National University.

The experience of participating in the GYF20 showed me a variety of cooperative experiences around the world. Despite the cultural and language differences, we all are looking for a fairer world. My session was focused on thinking "out of the box", and challenging the common sense which assumes competing as the only way to optimize processes. At FACTTIC, we demonstrated that cooperating among cooperatives of the same sector produce an horizontal grow an development of all members.