Willy Tadjudje is a Cooperative Law Specialist with more than 10 years of experience in teaching, research and consulting. He holds a PhD in Private Law from the University of Luxembourg (2013). Apart from teaching and research, he usually works with international organisations for the promotion of cooperative law and social and solidarity economy in Africa. He is also a registered mediator in Belgium and Luxembourg. As such he has been supporting apex organisations in Africa on the establishment of Alternative Disputes Mechanisms. Willy Tadjudje is a member of several expert groups, including the African Network of Cooperative Lawyers.

My participation in the GYF has been rewarding, already by meeting trainers and participants from all over the world. My sessions focused on CLARITY (developed by OCDC and its partners) as a tool to assess a cooperative legal framework in order to improve it. My concern was to share my experiences with the participants following the impressive results I got after using it in Africa. The discussions were exciting and most of the participants were able to realize the existence of the CLARITY tool that they would like to use in their home countries. I also learned from the participants, as they narrated about the legal framework in their home country and I realized to what extent the law, when it is not adapted, can be an obstacle to the emergence of a strong cooperative movement.