Tomas Sparano Martins is a Digital Marketing professor in Brazil at the Universidade Federal do Paraná and an independent consultant for coops on innovative digital marketing and team learning. He is one of the founders and mentors of Pyx Network, a platform for people interested in developing team projects on branding, strategy and digital communication. He also coordinates the Marketing Lab at his university, an open space for companies and entrepreneurs interested in developing and sharing experimental projects based on Teamacademy, a Finnish methodology for entrepreneurial education. He has developed several projects for agribusiness and health coops as well as cooperative banks in Brazil, England and Spain.

“Wow!! What a lifetime experience! The GYF was a great opportunity to be around so many creative, caring and determined young people. You know it was one of those rare times in the year when you just stop, listen, exchange experiences and reflect about your life, the world and the future. It was fantastic to frame several wicked problems on the cooperative model and see that we can contribute we can contribute individually and collective to humanity. Thank you ICA for providing hope, space and time for a significant future for me and all participants.”