Teepee Gile is a co-founder, general manager and creative director of Red Root Artists Cooperative, the first artists cooperative in the Philippines, having 85% of the core staff belonging to the youth sector (18-35 years old) who are humanitarians, enthusiasts and practitioners of the creative industry. For more than 10 years, she has worked with multinational brands and lead national government projects which gained awards and recognition for Red Root in multimedia production and museum modernization.

She has lead the modernization of eight (8) national museums in the Philippines. She collaborates with researchers, writers, architects, program managers, multimedia artists and IT specialists to generate a 360-degree experience to museum goers. Aside from mentoring younger artists, she also helps in executing murals, sculptures, graphic design, animation, video editing and interactive programming. She also accepts hands-on company trainings and private consultation.

\"I enjoyed meeting strong and motivated youth leaders. Most of whom became part of my network that will hopefully grow into future collaborations and more exciting activities! Sharing professional expertise and experiences using the cooperative model allowed young entrepreneurs to discover best practices that would open more opportunities and active youth participation in the economy. Diversity in delegation/representation and fun interactive sessions also helped in formulating cross-cultural approaches in solving global problems.\"