Salonie works as a Senior Coordinator at SEWA Cooperative Federation. The Federation provides support services to women’s cooperatives and collectives in areas like capacity building, business development and marketing, communication, finance and digital inclusion. Salonie has been working on developing ways to sustainably include informal women workers in the digital space. She works with partners like the ILO, IDRC, IT for Change and others to develop these service platforms for women workers. In the past, Salonie has worked in the research department of the ILO in Geneva. She graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, with a degree in gender and development.

\"Cooperatives are an excellent organisational model to bring real change to women workers. At SEWA Federation, we have been helping women build these cooperatives for many years, and it was great to bring this knowledge to the GYF. Governing a cooperative can be challenging, and my session focussed on bringing these tools to young people as they find their way into the movement.\"