Roberto Diana is a professional educator and music therapist. He is been working in social services since 2008. He graduated from University of Cagliari in 2007. After graduation he started to work for many socio-educational services and school integration services aimed at children and people with cognitive disability. He graduated in Music Therapy in 2018 in the School of Music Therapy in Assisi. He pursues educational and training objectives through musical activities.

The GYF20 was a great experience. It was beautiful to meet many young people from all over the world who believe in the ideals of cooperation. It made me realize that there is hope to build a better world. In my sessions music and rhythm have been very powerful tools to gain awareness of our role as cooperators. “You may say I\'m a dreamer But I\'m not the only one I hope someday you\'ll join us And the world will be as one”