Jeffrey Moxom is a Research Officer at the International Cooperative Alliance, under the ICA-EU Partnership for International Development. He currently works on a number of research  initiatives  on  international  cooperative  development,  including  cooperative  statistics,  cooperative  law  and  sustainable  development.  He  studied  Politics  at  the  University of Leicester (UK) and Environment, Development and Policy at the University of Sussex (UK).

“It‘s been a privilege to participate as a staff member and as a trainer at this event with a fantastic group of inspiring colleagues and trainers. The innovative format of the GYF gives you the chance to meet lots of young cooperators and the peer to peer learning activities were very special and unique. I gained many new insights and learned a lot about cooperative entrepreneurship in a wide variety of fields. I encourage people to browse through the content showcased here and looking forward to seeing you at the next edition of the GYF!“