Francesca Martinelli, after a Master Degree in Philosophy and Ethics, got in 2017 a Ph.D. in “Human Capital Formation and Labour Relations” at the University of Bergamo in co-tutorship with Paris VIII Vincennes-St.-Denis. Now, she is in charge of institutional communication and international relations at the Italian cooperative Doc Servizi, and she is in the board of Doc Creativity. By the end of 2018, she is the director of the Centro Studi Doc Foundation, where she is in charge of research and development and advocacy.

“At the first Global Youth Forum 2020 in Malaysia, for me it has been amazing to see how an idea can excite people from completely different countries: it is a sign of the thirst that this world – young people at the forefront – has of alternative models to the dominant economic and political one. This is the thirst for models that are capable of guiding not only the brain, but the heart too.”