Erin Hancock works with the International Centre for Co-operative Management at Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, Canada). Formerly, she was the Manager of Research and Education with Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada. Over the years she has also served on the boards of the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada, the Co-operative Grocers Network, the Ottawa Women’s Credit Union, the North American Students of Co-operation, the Co-operative Enterprise Council and others. She holds an MPhil (Public Policy & Co-operative Development), a BPhil (Leadership Studies & International Development) a Certificate in University Teaching and a Certificate in Co-operative Management.

The Global Youth Forum was the most well-connected, energized and engaging co-operative event I have ever participated in. The level of curiosity and willingness to exchange and learn was above anything I\'ve seen before. There was so much sharing - across cultures, languages, sectors, co-op models, levels of experience. Everyone mattered and everyone took responsibility for getting the most out of it. The co-op movement is in good hands if these young people represent the rest. There was a genuine feeling that we are stewards of creating a better world. Every session taught me something that I will take into my work as part of a champion and educator in this co-operative economy.