I am working for the cooperative world since 4 years. I am developping a program of “youth cooperative” in France since 3 years. Since 2017, I manage the development of 14 youth cooperatives. Youth Cooperative of Services system targets adolescents or young adults, some of whom are in social difficulty, so I am used to talk about cooperative to people who have varied social profiles. I consider myself as an activist of environmentalists and social movements, let’s call that alterglobalist. I think that cooperatives are one of the keys to the ecological, social and democratic transition.

I came to the the GYF to connect with cooperators from all around the world. It was a success, I met so many amazing people, I am very glad, thank you again to all the ICA staff and to Malaysian who welcome us. During the Forum, I train 3 sessions to give the possibility to young cooperators to discover an innovating program of youth cooperative entrepreneurship the “youth cooperatives” in order that they can bring this program back to their countries and set up it by adapting it to their territory. The Youth Cooperative of Services is an informal educational project, based on active teaching, and aiming to promote coooperative entrepreneurship to young people as to develop their professional skills, increasse their self-confidence and initiate them to collective ways of working.