I am Ana Aguirreco- founder of TAZEBAEZ S.Coop.

TAZEBAEZ is an innovation group that works mainly in the field of consultancy in four different knowledge areas: visual communication, education, space and experience design and business development. 

As a cooperative group we are strong believers and supporters of the cooperative model and I have been the person leading the representativeness in this part of the company both locally and internationally. That is why we were part of the founding team of the Young European Cooperators Network in 2015 where I’ve served in the board from the creation till today and I was appointed as representative and VP of the region of Europe in the International Cooperative Alliance Youth Network.

I am also vice curator of the Global Shapers Bilbao Hub, the youth network of the World Economic Forum, for this year.

When we talk about youth, the spirit of GYF20 is what comes to mind: people from all over the world collaborating, sharing and learning together; combining their energy to create real social change. I know there is a lot of questioning on "youth" as a constituency, but from what I experienced, the future - and the present - is in good hands.