Ajibola is a Lecturer and doctoral candidate at the Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria. He holds degrees in Law and Public Administration. he recently completed a year-long postgraduate professional training at the Nigerian Law School. He a project organizer with the Cooperative Working Group, Young Scholars Initiative; Institute for New Economic Thinking. He contributed (cooperative and cooperative law / Nigeria) to the World Bank Group 2019 Report on Enabling the Business of Agriculture. His research focuses on cooperatives, cooperatives law, development administration and sustainable development.

The GYF is a novel idea, built on inclusivity and equity it stands at the forefront of the mobilization and empowerment of the entrepreneurial capabilities of youths and young persons. I am pleased to serve as a trainer at GYF20, this I did through the explication of cooperative law in an introductory module. I attended many other training sessions, this made my experience more fulfilling as it afforded me the opportunity to teach, learn and exchange ideas. I am convinced that participants are better equipped to significantly contribute to socioeconomic advancement, in our immediate societies and the world.