I am from Pakistan and have been working in the Housing Cooperative Sector for more than 10 years, currently I am director of Communication from Karachi Cooperative Housing Societies Union Ltd., an apex of 24 societies. Serving in ICA-AP Committee for Youth Cooperation since in 2007 and ICA Global Youth Network.

During my years, training and spreading about the Cooperative was an initiation and which has expanded to negotiation and advising on the Cooperative Youth Movement in the Region.

Working on the Go Green Campaign to connect Cooperative, Youth and SDG#13.

GYF brought youth from the across the nations. Creating a interactive session about coop, build a network and induced the cooperative values and principles in a way that never have I seen on a Global Level. Bring the Youth Leaders under one roof. GYF unique perspective not just brought youth together it brought new ideas and platform as well which is spreading the rethink mechanism for the Cooperative. Just what the World needs.