Program Manager for the ICA-EU Partnership at the ICA Asia Pacific office in Delhi

“Cooperatives are recognized as a powerful driver of economic integration and social inclusion, for empowering young people with innovative models to address challenges of migration, digitalization and transformation of work, among others. Despite international recognition of the cooperative model to build a better future for younger generations, the international movement lacked the infrastructure and tools to translate political objectives into coordinated action. In particular, the area was facing systemic difficulties to identify existing tools and activities to support cooperative entrepreneurs, as such resources are implemented at local level. The Global Youth Forum gave an opportunity to reimagine cooperatives in the changing world of work, by reaching out to youth from rural as well as urban areas engaged in primary production and the service sector, to enhance their awareness about cooperatives as an institutional model for aggregation, back them to incubate new-generation coops and provide acceleration support ranging from reskilling, funding, mentoring and other areas. It thus creates an ecosystem which is inclusive and where everyone matters!”