What you can expect

For its first edition, the GYF20 aims to bring together young entrepreneurs and professionals from all around the world to stimulate them and test innovative thinking and tools in order to explore self-employment and entrepreneurship through the cooperative model.  Within this framework, the event will facilitate exchange of knowledge and partnerships amongst youth, youth-led organizations and youth movements to further strengthen youth participation within cooperatives.


The GYF20 will be opened and closed with a high-level plenary session focused on the importance of youth and cooperative entrepreneurship. These sessions will bring together all the participants and important keynote speakers from the Malaysian government, the United Nations, European Institutions, International Labour Organization as well as with representatives from youth organizations and the cooperative movement.

Interactive sessions and discussions

The GYF20 will present approximately 4 blocks of 15 to 20 parallel cross-cutting sessions per day. Each session is specifically designed to help young entrepreneurs and professionals improve their knowledge and skills through interactive workshops, hackathons and brainstormings, Q&A and “how-to” sessions. The Forum will feature loop sessions ( the sessions will repeat themselves during the 4-day event) in order to make sure that by the end of the event all the participants had the opportunity to attend at least 80% of the discussions. These sessions take place in different rooms with a capacity ranging from 10 – 15 participants and each will be around 90 minutes in length.

Let’s meet

The participants will have access to different meeting spaces in the venue where they will have the opportunity to share ideas, work on possible partnerships, exchange impressions and network with their fellow colleagues.

Let’s network

Through the 5 days of the GYF20, the participants will have different opportunities to exchange and connect with other entrepreneurs and professionals with similar interest from all around the world. At the same time, the participants will also have the chance to attend structured and strategic networking sessions such as speed networking where they will have the chance to connect with fellow peers and mentors/mentees within their fields.

Action zone

Located in the halls of the venue, the action zone will feature different stands showcasing successful projects and ground-breaking reports on youth entrepreneurship and incentives from all around the world. The action zone will work as an intersection for interaction, brainstorming, innovation and networking

Outside and leisure activities

Our host in Malaysia will put together different outside activities in order for the participants to learn more from and about the cooperative movement in Malaysia, and about the Sarawak region.