The purpose

For its first edition, the GYF20 aims to bring together young entrepreneurs and professionals from all around the world in order to offer them quality training sessions to improve their skills and knowledge. The entrepreneurship training approach is expected to lead to new solutions and recommendations, to help the participants learn from best practices and to foster new ideas and innovation in the field of youth and cooperative entrepreneurship.

The Forum will focus on the vital role of young entrepreneurs and professionals and their extra needs outside of the traditional education and professional training, bringing a more innovative approach to their learning tools and objectives.

The sessions

The GYF20’s programme is structured around a series of training sessions designed to improve the professional development of the participants. At the moment, we are analysing different content-driven initiatives in order to find the best ones to feed the event’s programme as well as to assure its quality. The participants will have the opportunity to attend panel discussions, brainstorming sessions, workshops, interactive Q&A, ex-cathedra sessions etc.